Wuqing Development Area holds the I-Park project signing ceremony with Global Logistic Property Limited(Shanghai)(hereinafter referred to as GLP) on on 18th October. Pan Wen, GLP Board and Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Greater China, Li Tao,  Vice Director of Municipal Science and Technology Committee, Xu Datong, Party Secretary of District Committee, Liu Donghai, Deputy Head of District, Han Songling, Director of Development and Reform Commission, Li Changchun, Director General of District Administration Examination and Approval Bureau, Liu Junjiang, District Health and Family Planning Commission, Gao Qiaosheng, Director of District Science and Technology Commission and Zhang Shaofeng, the secretary of Development Area Committee and director of the administrative committee attend the ceremony.

This project plans to purchase 157 yl or so of current land in the fourth phase of Wuqing Development Area to build I-Park by virtue of its own investment resources in the global network, and actively bring in upscale projects that meet the industry requirements and forge international comprehensive industry park with high standard and high quality for Wuqing Development Area. This project will set up a company with independent legal entity in Wuqing Development Area and bring in enough projects within a year after the park passing the acceptance inspection. It is predicted that the annual revenue of operation will be no less than 500 thousand yuan RMB per yl. In addition, GLP will deepen the cooperation in science and technology innovation park construction and the activation of industrial fixed assets and so on with Wuqing Development Area.

GLP was established in 2003, which is the largest supplier and service provider of modern industrial park in China. It is also the earliest manufacturer and promoter in Chinese market to launch intelligent logistics and relevant industry eco-system. GLP and its sub-brand "I-park" have invested in 38 strategic regional markets and developed and managed 267 logistics parks, industrial parks and high-tech parks with a total property area of 33 million 400 thousand square meters.